Cyber-physical systems.

Autonomous and mobile hardware solutions.

Our technology partners are leading innovators in autonomous solutions for a variety of functions that can be deployed and operated in a non-technical environment - facilitating the deployment of your resources smartly and efficiently.
  • For Automation
  • For Fleets and Loops
  • For Robotics
  • For Sensors and Security
  • For Cobots
  • For Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
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Cyber-physical systems that work.

For Safety

Securely implement autonomous solutions with built in laser safety technologies and forbidden area zones inside software mapping settings

For Logistics

Speed up transitioning for locating picking, transferring, palletising, docking and containerising goods of various weights within our providers ecosystem

For Efficiency

Improve operating capacity and ROI throughout your infrastructure - dynamically embrace new challenges with innovative solutions and support
  • Robotics-as-a-service provider
    Deal registration and integration for automated solutions into multiple environments including; healthcare, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, FMCG, retail and hospitality.
  • Simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM)
    Intuitive and seamless graphical user interfaces and programme logic for deploying autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots inside close working environments.
  • Collaborative robotic solutions (cobots)
    Employees and robots working in unison to increase productivity and accuracy; assisting in manufacturing, warehousing, removal of infectious viruses etc...
  • Finance and support
    Flexibility and on-going support to ensure choice and options surrounding operational expense or capital expenditure finance solutions at the best available rates.

Our technology partners propel your brand, products and reputation forward.


Our technology partners come with the potential for a trial period before factory or in-stock ordering. We'll help you onboard and get going to allow you to test out your new solution and we'll happily manage and monitor what's working for you.


The majority of our technology partners are plug-and-play solutions designed to operate in non-technical environments. However, it's advised with larger fleets, cobots and autonomous solutions that we integrate for you.


We offer training for your organisation and partners on how to deploy, utilise and maximise investment with our technology partners inside our MSP programme.


We're always available to help you with any questions or technical problems you might encounter, whether with our 24 hours SOC centre or email and call ticket support.