Google Gsuite.

Gsuite cloud control for all teams.

Our technology partners are leading innovators in protecting your communications hubs; whether you run mail user agents for sales and marketing or require remote monitoring of all internal dialogue, we have a solution for you.
  • For Malware
  • For Phishing
  • For Email
  • For Secure Gateway
  • For Archiving
  • For Machine Learning
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Google Gsuite.

Securely monitor and quarantine suspicious communications and payloads with our technology vendors.
Secured. Delivered. Monitored.

Gsuite multi-device security

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs)
Promote in-depth analysis with prolific feature sets to monitor hardware and software usage whilst relegating unsuspected surprises.
Backup and Archiving
Email and communications recovery secured with backup-as-a-service and disaster-recovery-as-a-service if your systems are compromised.
Device Management
Know what devices can connect and from where, apply parallel networks and deploy VPNs in harmony with email to fortify communications.
Autonomously classify all incoming and outgoing email, sign-in, verification standards against super admin access that learns.
User Entity Behavioural Analytics
Modify and analyse what behaviours employees are undertaking inside email and linked applications to protect intellectual property.
Deliver total compliance and DSARs with applicable standards in International markets without having to manually assess and assist.
DMARC Protection
Protect against domain spoofing and know when similar domains are registered to protect your teams and customers with SPF and DKIM toolsets.
Apply advanced parameters such as content-disarm-reconstruction (CDR) to learn as you go and protect employees and customers.
Control against malicious actors hiding behind fraudulent personas and ensure your own properties are not compromised.