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Amazon's A9 algorithm + Aulter

We can immediately give you solutions to ranking high in Amazon

It all began with an eBay 101

Optimising to sell on Amazon really harks back to my 6th form (college) days when I'd seek out and purchase limited edition, designer clothing and also hard to find trainers and then sell on the 2nd hand clothing via eBay, sometimes even at a profit!

I'd attract buyers in far flung locations like Hong Kong and South Korea and it's these early experiences in understanding the demands of individual customers, what they're searching for, what information they want and how to optimise listings inside marketplaces to ensure product discoverability that has allowed Aulter to be a resource of advantage when selling via Amazon for our clients.

This was no easy feat back then, counterfeit goods were rife and unscrupulous sellers would tag their product IDs with as many (unrelated) keywords as possible to gain exposure when search results populated.

Selling on Amazon

55% of all customer product searches now begin on Amazon and with a further 15% beginning inside social media, that leaves the titan that is Google lagging behind with only 30% of all customer product searches beginning inside their homepage (who would have predicted that just 3 years ago?). As with Google SEO and PPC, agencies will now attempt to bamboozle you with the 'finely tuned art and science of gaining Amazon high listings', when in reality the reason we include optimisation in our fees as an all-in-one package is because the majority of what's required as a rule of thumb is relatively straight forward when you know how. So what's required;

  • Product Description

Including not only the brand name, short product description, contents, applicable SLAs and ensuring everything is filled with relative keywords but ensuring you list this in bullet points. Yes, Amazon ranks bullet point descriptions higher. It's unknown if universal product codes or manufacturers numbers can aid within the product description, so include it anyway because it enhances the customer experience, regardless. 

  • Reviews

Yes, reviews are obviously a very important indicator of where your product populates in results, the more reviews the better and hopefully they are positive. This means incentivising product reviews and duplicating any own site reviews inside Amazon, how do you do that you're thinking? 

  • Bounce Rates

Ensuring that you have lots of copy and product description, as well as lots of reviews increases the time users spend on your product pages reading such material - The more time they afford the higher you go in the rankings

  • Images

1000 x 1000 pixel images are a must, Amazon loves big, beautiful images for their product hover features, as well as zoom - This increases conversions actually but ultimately Amazon will consider it in your product rankings.

  • Keywords

Keywords in Amazon have a noticeable difference, you're not entering 'search terms' like you would in Google - You also don't need commas and you don't need to repeat anything... you have 80 characters to enter whatever keywords that will optimise your product listing in any order, doesn't need to be literate. Why? Amazon optimise for sales, Google optimises for search and relevance.

  • Prime Membership

Amazon is very proud of Prime, not only do Prime members spend more on their services ecosystem, they spend more time on Amazon too (who would have known) - Optimise your products to play a role in Amazon Prime and you'll be more accessible to all of Amazon's customers, Prime members or not.

  • Price

Amazon want to be the best on price and customers expect to find the best deals in its marketplace, you need to ensure your products are highly competitive within their categories and also elsewhere online. This is something Amazon watches across the web and it's a focal point you also need to monitor, we can certainly help you here with our product intelligence engine. A clever tactic to deploy here is a sense of urgency, whether a flash sale or a price cut, be careful here as price watchdogs are ruthlessly seeking to root out ill practise within this domain, yet Amazon kind of endorses this grey area to boost rankings.

  • In-stock

Nothing worse when you're an Amazon customer and what you want is out of stock, Amazon agrees too. Ensure you always have availability and at Aulter we can help to marry up your inventory management systems from in-store and online with the Amazon marketplace.

  • Shipping and Packaging

Lots of shipping options (especially inside Prime Membership) and differing packaging options - As a reputable retailer or brand you should really be offering this anyway, understandably Amazon uses this as a measure to rank your product. Offering free shipping domestically and Internationally can help but ultimately it depends on how aggressive you wish to be with your margins.

  • POP (Perfect Order Percentage)

This reflects the number of super happy customers you have, how low your returns are, positive reviews, speed of delivery and general quality of your customer journey.

There are a few other caveats to ensuring you get maximum exposure and high product rankings, of course the number of units you shift, your CTRs and speed of conversions all come together alongside a few other, more detailed areas but the above covers exactly what you need to deliver high ratings.

One of the primary reasons why we include Amazon inside our fee when seeking to host your total online presence with our partners, Shopify or Lightspeed is the same reason why SEO or PPC agencies frustrate us. The majority are not eCommerce or marketing geniuses, in fact Google doesn't even provide anywhere near the kind of exposure they previously did with their keywords.

Why? They soon discovered that many were 'gaming the algorithm' but perhaps more obviously they realised that without increased data surrounding keywords, marketers would be forced to spend a little more to ensure they got the placements they wanted. Marketers couldn't discover where they could optimise as efficiently and inevitably had to spend more to guarantee success for clients.

This is important to remember when constructing your PPC campaigns inside Google and why placing importance on ranking high in Amazon requires a great deal of diligence, too. Reach out to us here and we'll talk over how we can help your Amazon presence grow to commandeer new customer groups alongside your online presence.


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