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Bleeding your product out

Cross-pollination of your social presence

We've spoken in detail last year about Influencer Marketing and how best to utilise the followership individuals have across a wide range of verticals and interests to reach new prospective customer bases and position your product accordingly - Alas we won't go into the merits of this kind of earned media but you can read more about it in the link above.

Cross-pollination or content seeding might involve influencer marketing (by allowing a social celebrity or respected individual to 'take over' your social handle) but it directly requires the discipline of tailoring content for your mediums of choice while remaining brand consistent.

The Original Social Networks  

This is nothing new, it has always been a requisite to ensure your content differed between Facebook and Twitter but with WhatsApp even announcing that they will hand over greater commercial capabilities to brands this year (and as Facebook offspring such as Instagram and WhatsApp continue to clone Snapchat features) its becoming paramount for brands to fully understand what's required and how to behave across different platforms.

Snapchat features you say?

While Snapchat is an application that we simply love in Aulter circles, the ability to create fun filters and its abundantly well curated media selection, devoured in snapshots is highly attractive for younger demographics.

So addictive, Facebook decided to replicate Snapchat stories inside Facebook Messenger, as well as Instagram stories AND WhatsApp status - Given Instagram's market penetration they now officially have more story views (200M) on a daily basis compared to that of Snapchat (125M). Furthermore, given Snapchat has limited functionality right now for brands to track and engage with followers, as well as it being difficult to find brands on its platform with frustrating search it's best to focus on Instagram initially.

However, given that it's important to maintain a presence across so many Apps with such large user bases and given their feature similarities are now almost identical the question remains - How do you establish a successful multi-platform presence without becoming repetitive and duplicating content everywhere.

We've decided to breakdown what you should be doing with your content in each platform and how to tailor it towards your respective audience;


This is primarily a younger demographic that is expecting something fluid, fun and favourable with some adoption of recent filters, playful interaction with content and triggers to screenshot images and essentially muck around. Consider your content disposable here because, it basically is but do keep in mind anything outlandishly ridiculous or offensive can still be shared elsewhere. There's the ability for followers to share your stories with their friends or publish to their own stories, so remember to try and be creative or pull in an influencer to do the talking for you.


Instagram is evolving and your content needs to evolve in correlation, the platform has more of an emphasis on design sensibilities that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and has matured a huge degree in the last 5 years. Instagram has matured just as its user base has but it still sucks in the young, cool kids to showcase how extrovert and unique they all are.


Facebook has the advent of live feeds as well as stories and there's a degree of editing snd sharing between the two - Facebook continues to be the more grown up, parent version of media these fine days and your content needs to reflect that. If you're selling to a middle age audience then Facebook is where you should focus your activity.


Pinterest, WhatsApp, Musically are all building user bases that bring a different kind of approach to the game, Twitter is going through a bit of an identity crisis presently but is no doubt a leader in customer support for savvy shoppers expecting to get a response to their queries absolutely everywhere.

It's unknown as of yet how WhatsApp will seek to accommodate brands and how Twitter will seek to reform itself as it goes about attempting to gain growth following its recent IPO but if you'd like to determine new ways to underpin your eCommerce and in-store presence by fluctuating your convivial approach across what are now cloned platforms then give us a nudge, or a poke, or a DM, or an old fashioned email here.

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