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Go digital or go home

Only 30% of digital transformations will be a success by the end of 2017

In 2015, Gartner conducted a study that concluded that only 30% of digital transformations would be a success and that 2017 would become a pivotal placeholder for most businesses seeking new advantages and growth in their respective, industry domain markets.

Today at Aulter we want to look at why that's the case; what problem areas exist as inertia to successful digital transformations and how can we evaluate and source the solutions to this computer savvy headache.

Digital Problem areas

Why is there such a large obstacle and how can this be remedied;

  • Insufficient information 

There's a lot of information out there on the web, some of it is valuable and some of it is just 100% wrong. Who do you trust, what resource is reliable to hang your hat on when investing aggressively into a new commerce channel.

Contrastingly, we have an armoury of data that includes a product intelligence engine, an enormous database of applicable software vendors, ranked and tiered by integration support, reliability, applicability and cost.

  • Poor data quality

Some of the data accuracy is questionable, some is just arbitrary figures thrown together and some of the data is compiled from verticals that are not applicable to your domain of business and this creates difficulties when seeking empirical evidence to support your endeavours

Did we mention our armoury of data? OK, we have accuracy with our data in pin-pointing hundreds of applicable solutions across all divisions of your business. They are tailored solutions to the retail landscape and also tailored to your home market domestically, what works in the US won't necessarily be viable in the UK.

  • No prior experience 

With no previous experience, even after spending weeks or months reading up on all the relevant information to make your decision, you're still going to have to learn as you go along and when sizing up such enormous investments for your business, this can demolish financial planning strategies and manifest pressures across other divisions in your business.

We have 10 years of experience in navigating the digital oceans, riding the waves and smashing into the rocks, we know what's right for you at your existing stage of development and growth and we can sense what's right for your team

  • No technical team

Independents and mid-market brands are not in a position to go out and hire product development teams, data scientists and engineers to scale their business and many senior management are rightfully concerned that they are not best equipped to decide upon such huge strategic changes. Even worse, they act on referrals or go down a closed route via badly conceived advise from a vast array or sources they're surrounded by.

Our objectives are simple, take you down the correct and cost efficient path that doesn't lock you in, supports you with accredited training and onboarding and provides you with all the information you need (presented in an unbiased fashion) to arrive at the correct decision. Self-serve, cloud hosted solutions have scaled to support most mid-market brands - this includes previously unattainable solutions such as fraud detection, predictive intelligence, relatable search queries at scale and autonomous tasks.

  • Badly advised by vendor sales and vendor engineers

Vendor sales teams have their own objectives, their own quotas to hit and are under fierce pressure from their investors to scale and grow at an incredible pace to justify their lofty valuations; this is the dirty, reality of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution vendors. In a nutshell, it's maybe not that they don't really care about your business that may have existed for over 100 years, it's possibly that they're just so incredibly busy (and in some cases unable to offer any kind of email support) or that you're on a low paying plan you can become neglected and not get the support your business needs. Worst of all, organisations might be operating today without even realising they're on the wrong solution, without realising they're paying far too much and without realising it's ultimately their customers that are suffering the cost of these errors.

We're not too busy for you and we can elect the right solution vendors at the best partnering price; unlike vendor sales and engineering teams, we know what integrations are right for your business and we know how best to ensure all your solutions talk to one another to just work out the box. This eliminates any costly errors or the added cost of having to cut a contract short, luckily you don't need to learn from these mistakes when asking for our assistance.

  • Insufficient training 

The largest stumbling block after committing to a digital change effort, whether eCommerce, backend fulfilment for inventory, logistics and warehouse or cloud solutions vendors isn't necessarily dealing with opting for an incompatible offering. Even when electing the correct course of action; by neglecting training or not paying for the training add-on, being reliant on remote webinars or leaving employees to their own training agenda can exponentially decrease the value of your new investment and fail to extrapolate the true potential of your digital solution.

Through our accredited partnerships, we offer fully licensed on-site and remote training for all divisions of your teams, or even creating new divisions for your operations to monitor. We appreciate that some self-serve solutions are still somewhat complex to use and difficult to maximise all true value without the correct, technical knowledge.

Conquering digital lands

Colonising new customer bases and discovering new verticals to accrue market velocity requires a successful digital transformation for your brand in 2017; no longer can 'this is the way we've always done it' be used as an excuse as brands march forward into the 'me-channel' consumer front. One of the largest problem areas with installing new, digital transformations is internal inertia or an alignment of fear of the unknown.

If you're an Independent or mid-market brand, we feel you're in a perfect position to remain dynamic and nimble enough to navigate these new digital territories.

Drop the anchor and come aboard to discuss what areas of your business you feel are most problematic when going after the digital transformation bounties and we'll look to steer you on the right course with our very own treasure map.

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