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Google Live for your store

Why embracing Google's instant search data can better your store footprint

There's lots of ways to boost your rankings and organic reach by embracing Google's reviews centre (or embedding your own reviews management), optimising your site, its copy and images for search crawlers and updating your store details in Google's merchant centre.

However, Google Live is relatively new and by tapping into google location services can now return a relatively accurate appraisal for all to view regarding how much time customers spend inside your walls. Naturally, it's not wholly accurate and is certainly no substitute for the positive services we discussed in why you should include free customer WiFi in-store but we want to showcase what valuable information you can deduce from Google Live when appraising your in-store activity.


Hang up your product and hook your customers

At Aulter we advocate utilising an in-store analytics solution coupled with ePOS data that can surface insights into some of the key areas of your store that is susceptible to greater efficiency or enhancement, resulting in increased customer dwell time and hopefully sales.

Surfacing insights in;

  • Customer dwell time
  • Key in-store aisles and departments of activity 
  • Product categories that convert 
  • Length of queue 
  • Correlate in-store associates to busy periods 
  • Use of changing rooms
  • In-store and online promotions, general marketing activity
  • In-store layout and product merchandising 

Each of these elements is going to have a proportional impact on the length of time customers spend inside your premises', at Aulter we can help to activate each of these key objectives in correlation with a few other key factors.

Interaction Design and Customer Experience (CX)

We look at the relevant in-store data and couple this with footprint mapping and what's happening with your store infrastructure; apparatus and design flow are areas of your property portfolio that should continually go through routine appraisal for reasons we indicate on our products for property page.

Ambiance, acoustics and lighting play pivotal subconscious roles in customer dwell time (and come at a very high cost with most architectural and space range consultancies) but installing more cost effective, interactive ways for customers to engage your product and associates is going to bump up dwell time.

Store associates are often neglected in how they can engage and better the experience for customers (and keep them inside your stores for longer), furthermore many customers arm themselves with product knowledge before walking into your locations and at Aulter we have a number of cloud solutions your teams can adopt to match that degree of expertise when approaching in-store conversations and sales pitches. We will discuss tools that can be used to empower your store associates in the future and how those tools can be used to communicate with customers in-store and online in imaginative ways that marry up well with promotional campaigns.

There's no hiding place when Google can show the world how much time your customers spend inside your stores, at Aulter we have a number of creative and interactive methodologies that when used collaboratively with in-store technology solutions and immersive media campaigns can jointly drive up dwell time and sales.

Reach out to us for a consultation on where to begin with keeping your customers hanging around for that little bit longer each time they visit you.


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