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Why Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Live, Twitter, Periscope, Vine, YouTube and Co are going to demand a bigger social budget

Do you Snap?

Immediacy - the ever present demand on social media teams is about to become ramped up at an unprecedented scale.

Image courtesy of Missguided's Snapchat story.

So Snapchat's infamous rapid, bitesize stories and seamless media drops are exactly what Teens (and some 20 something's) crave, faster and slicker than Facebook with an option of choice that Twitter seldom supplies.

Instagram (a Facebook company) responded with their own recently ramped up story section, accompanying the launch of Facebook Live to counteract Periscope (a Twitter company). Still following this? Meanwhile, Twitter has responded to a plummeting share price by doubling down on live entertainment, broadcast partnerships and inevitably these features will funnel into the hands of your favourite social media teams.

And? What does this mean...

It means that retailers and brands alike will need to become more prolific and dynamic in how they deploy their marketing messages via social media - when social media becomes your face, voice and daily video digest of your branded message then sending interns to a theme park for the day doesn't quite cut it. Looking at you ASOS. Those Snapchat stories were wonderfully painful.

This dynamic has evolved due to the immediacy and ease of consumption where micro-video snippets are concerned, whether it's a steady stream of 10 second clips, a bit longer or a full broadcast. This opens a can of worms for brands out there and is particularly scary; a loss of words, slip of the tongue or just generally social media teams or individuals that were never supposed to be in front of a camera. Your energetic, go getting employee may thinks she 'gets' her private social feeds and looks clever on her Instagram feed but that's maybe not what millions of customers perhaps want to see. 

In Summary

We're very much entering an age of where professionally trained, actors and presenters will be required with a fully developed, weekly strategy in place that is prepared and polished enough for the world of live social communications and consumption. That's not easy to pull off, just ask any broadcast producer out there. Ah yes, you'll also need a producer... The brands that understand this demand for professionally pieced together media that is both relevant and entertaining, whilst pushing sales will be the immediate winners. 

Mass micro media is in its infancy but is certainly here to remain, augmented and virtual reality will only compound this further; if you're looking to have your hand held with your first foray into managing what is very much a different discipline to standardised social media then get in touch with us or reach out to for a speedy consultation.

Look out for future updates on this, as we dissect some of the finer elements and how to eliminate some of the risk, or phase risk elsewhere by leveraging other networks.


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