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How we work @ Aulter

A snapshot insight into our processes and motivations

There's a lot of negativity surrounding retail at present, whether it be the difficulties that brands and retailers face following Britain's move away from the EU and what complications will arise surrounding trade or the valuation of the pound, as well rising rates and minimum living wages to rising inflationary costs. Highstreet brands in the UK and US are closing branches at an accelerated pace never witnessed before, technological transformations are eclipsing and cannibalising old behaviours and previous modes to retail success and the juggernaut that is Amazon continues to eat into virtually every product category at an unprecedented rate.

But this is what motivates us to keep pressing ahead and pushing new boundaries, discovering new ways for you to interact with your customers and foster stronger relations online and in-store. Right now is the time to stand up and instigate change in retail, the brands that do will be the ones that come out the other side still in business.

So how do we work with you


What you can expect is a journey of open dialogue, an openness from us to learn about your environment and product category, for us to listen to your challenges and areas of concern and a concise and candid approach to total honesty.

We will expose you to some of the methodologies deployed by some of the worlds most innovative Silicon Valley technology organisations, F1 teams and Pharmaceutical conglomerates; in minimising inertia, avoiding cognitive bias, democratising data driven options and empowering your teams with the armoury to learn new disciplines and demonstrate their true capabilities in fuelling market growth for your product categories. We are an extension of your team, we're not attempting to undermine and accuse you of being negligent in your industry - Contrastingly, we like to think that you're more progressive, equipped and hungry for growth and future success by simply engaging with us and entertaining the ideal of working with us. Ultimately, we are only successful when you are, we endeavour to source primary advantages for you within your proportional budgets to maximise advantages from your working capital and human resources.

Most pertinently, we want to understand your circumstances and expectancies to collaboratively draw up a timeline with applicable KPIs and objectives, setting goals that are very high and almost attainable to ensure they're realistic and maintain high demands of everyone in your organisation. Resultantly, we will showcase the necessary requirements, conditions and most desirable options, regardless of whether or not they are the easiest to be deployed - It's in our interests (and yours) for us to be honest when delivering our appraisal of what's required and this is not always the simplest course of action.


Throughout our journey together, we implore you to challenge us, question our methods and ask for reasons as to why we've elected that course of action - Engagement and transparency into our thinking presents opportunities for both sides to learn and reach more accomplished conclusions at a faster speed. We endeavour to share our insights, apply our knowledge and expertise and ensure it's tailored to your market demands, it's not uncommon for consultancies to apply a spray, one-size-fits-all approach to their clients, this is not how we work.

We install a questioning culture to air concerns and query what trajectory is the most suitable course of action given the timeframe and budget, as well as any internal, existing pressures that reside within your ecosystem (such as a legacy infrastructure or existing eCommerce customers that needs continuity) and therefore will always complete an appraisal and necessary domino demands on integrations and team skill sets, comprising of a full diagnostic.

We predominantly work with mid-market retailers and brands or larger Independents; those characteristics facilitate brands to be more aggressive in adopting new modes of enterprise, fleshing out new concepts, new ways of operating and adopting an agile framework to test, learn and iterate. While you may not possess the man power or financial muscle of larger incumbents in the market, together we can find ways for you to best utilise resources at your disposal and emulate what the big boys are doing at a faster pace, on a local level with greater customer familiarity, whilst still competing Internationally.


We don't need to erode your core culture and the competencies that have allowed your brand to compete to date (or for over a century in some cases), we're attempting to add another feather to your bow and a successful one at that. Through our carefully curated and tailored partnerships, we prop you up on best-in-class solutions that align with your appropriated spend to push forward heightened productivity, boost profitable margins and add value across all domains of your business.

We're seeking to energise your project teams with modern tools and a seamless infrastructure that communicates across your departments fluently, seeking to build in a pro-active culture that tackles the market head on with an all encompassing, creative spark; as opposed to a reactive nature in a retail industry that is throwing up difficult challenges at every turn.

We will always evaluate any problem your business faces holistically or at the department level, open this problem up to your teams, branch the problem into where it can be combated and begin working backwards toward identifying a solution or an alternative strategy to adopt that best serves your end customer.

Customer driven

Everything we do is about the customer and thus includes your best interests, whether resourcefully or financially we are seeking to elect the most seamless and best-in-class, intuitive experiences for your teams and customers alike.

Don't just 'get by', don't just continue to do 'what works' for you, don't be apathetic and content by 'ticking over' with the 'status-quo' because it's what has 'always worked' for you; that mantra in modern retail will eventually see your brand become obsolete, the modern customer isn't content with a product or service to 'get by', they want exceptional experiences from any medium at any time - So elect to contact us today and give it to them.

Right now, really is the time in retail to get comfortable, being uncomfortable. 

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