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Keep your store associates up to speed

Fully informed and empowered with the tools to drive sales

It's estimated that 80% of shoppers will begin their research online before they step foot into your store, armed with product knowledge and aware of product reviews, as well as competitor brands you might not even carry (yikes).

What can we do about this?

At Aulter we believe in the morphing of physical and digital environments (the phygital landscape), there's numerous ways to about achieving this and it's included inside our CloudCascade™ for product plan with the option of multiple immersive campaigns built-in.

However, in this post we want to address some of the cloud service tools at your disposal and some free to use social tools that are already a stomping ground for the majority of your customer base.


Your associates are your weapon of choice, they need to have expert product knowledge to impress your customer base and influence sales that rocket across seasons and locations; however, if you carry thousands of variants this can be very difficult to achieve and asking too much of employees who may simply be part-time or students working on a weekend.

What options are available when you know your customers are entering your premises with greater product awareness than those working inside your walls? When a customer can take out their phone and immediately have 100's of options and reviews at their fingertips via Amazon?
Offer the same level of knowledge to your employees, with built in collaborative tools across teams with access to customer histories or generalised recommendations that offer up multimedia content and specs surrounding not just your product catalogue but your competitors too.

Tulip Retail, MindTickle and Myagi are options in this field that can aim to support your associates, Miyagi is a great asset at sourcing relevant product data from around the web and an informative tool to better prepare associates. Tulip's best use case is to understand the demands of the customer, what are they searching? What's the occasion? Have they shopped with you before? What's their budget? Have they something in mind? It forces your associates to really engage not just for politeness or false pretence but to seek end results and immediately search your store catalogue or collections of products that marry up to what your customer is expecting.

Delight your customer base, showcase that in-store tech in the hands of humans can be actively used in driving up sales and increasing customer satisfaction, fulfil orders in-store or online (depending on size) and allow your customers to leave happy having purchased and not frustrated at the lack of interaction and support in their quest.

Engage online and be proactive

It's not uncommon for enterprise software companies to run online webinars and seek to inform their customer base to maximise the use case of the product that's being paid for; do the same with your customers, whether it's to preempt a sale or simply keep dialogue flowing in the hope of repeat purchases.

What can we do here? Whisbi is perhaps the most relevant solution in this space, a full suite of options for interactive video showcasing of products in-store or at your locations for demonstration purposes or simply to offer better, well rounded customer support.

It is very expensive, base £2000 a month and we feel that's a little steep for this first-of-a-kind foray into interactive live chat support; Alternatives (that are directly attached to your social accounts) include tools such as Facebook Live, Periscope for Twitter and Instagram now also sports a live section. All broadcasts can be saved and reused at a later date and because it's live streaming, your associates can be open to questions or requests surrounding your product offering.
This is a very useful tool when it comes to the sales journey that a customer is on in a virtual sense, it beats imagery and online video content and the live videos can be sliced and diced into Instagram or Snapchat story feeds.

Who gets the best use out of it? Firstly, you're going to need a relatively large customer base, if you're going live you want more than a couple souls inside your broadcast asking awkward questions. The perfect fit is for department stores that want to promote the live feed schedule via email and social accounts a week or so in advance, it's a great tool to get customers interacting with your brand by requesting products to view and the types of questions they wish to field to your associates. You can even use the recordings of these feeds for interactive training in the future and import them into your learning management system.

This form of interactive communication in-store and online creates a new dimension to conducting traditional commerce, it empowers your teams, balances terms of engagement and boosts confidence levels between your customers and your brand. Increased transparency and openness to discussing your product at large, is a smarter way to welcome your customer base and manifests a new platform to spark creative strategies with your online marketing.

If you'd like to begin immediately discussing and deploying some of the campaigns we already have in place, or to propose a new approach for your brand then leave us a note.

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