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Media and commerce are converging to create fluid customer experiences

Retail has awoken to the realisation that coupling media motives and trigger events can inspire and capture moments that customers bases can directly relate to and envisage themselves taking part in - It's known as 'Aspirational commerce', helping the customer to see themselves wearing, showcasing, living in, driving or consuming your product.

Originally, retailers (predominantly pure play eCommerce) introduced their own magazine or incorporated their blog more aggressively to showcase the settings and scenarios customers could be enjoying in unison with their product. More recently we've seen active examples of retailers using banners on their landing page to elude to what's available across departments and how it resonates seasonally.

Content can be curated in varying ways dependent on the customer base, season, value and use case of goods and how you wish to inspire these wood be aspirational shoppers, our CloudCascade™ for Product plan at Aulter can assist in conjuring up some imaginative and high velocity style guides and campaigns that are aimed to drive common factors; Informational support with relevance to the product category and built to convert with triggers to buy the goods on hand.

Ultimately, style guides will require some creative and professional photography (an area where we have your back) and we will always think ahead of the game with your team to better understand what events, seasons and promotions will be viable across the next 3-6 months; when we complete your product photography and video content this will be addressed at the same time and saved for later use.

We also seek to deploy the items in your media collections inside the filters of your product pages, opening up the opportunity for customers to purely shop your media edits for niche product categories or relevant seasonal activity (such as the wedding season for example).

There's a multitude of factors to consider before addressing your media content, we'll highlight a few here;

  • Product category
  • Customer cohorts 
  • Product value
  • Frequency of return customers/subscribers 
  • Industry category (selling to consumers or tradesman) 
  • Recent relevant content 
  • category of content your customer base likely engages with

There are no limits as to what is possible, it's an area where you can source user generated content (UGC) or seek out partnerships with influencers if you're not ready to build your own content stream, however if you have a physical store environment and a range of departments to serve we can quickly get you up and running with some fun ideas and how to go about assessing its impact.

The example above is how to use aspirational selling in an email newsletter environment, your media zeitgeist doesn't need to be contained to a small part of your storefront; utilise all your touch points to reach your audience and discover what types of media content resonate best with your customers based on aggregators such as purchasing behaviours, value of products bought, frequency, geographical location and many more. As part of eCommerce management programmes we will oversee this for you and discover the best modes for conversions in your storefront, married to the time of the year and day of the week.

Exploring the forms of media that drive the most engagement on your storefront is also applicable, whether longer streamed, clickable video, micro video, still imaging, supportive copy or not and so on... John Lewis has integrated shoppable video but is it applicable for your product category?

And it's not just for your own customer outlets where media requires deployment, Facebook has recently introduced Facebook Collections whereby media content becomes shoppable in the form of an Ad, alongside a link to wherever you'd like to funnel prospective customers.

Yes, the age of media selling has arrived and you you need to find the right, subtle ways to embed it; remember, ultimately this course of action is to increase sales, perhaps not immediately but through customer retention you want to see a spike in return visits and sales for your efforts.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can work with you to inspire your customers, generate greater retention across all cohorts and demonstrate a modern approach to retail then contact us here and let's begin.

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