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New to Shopify this year

Shopify Payments and Shopify Pay for more dynamic selling channels

Shopify has been super busy over the last year, earlier this week they announced at their own Shopify Unite conference the introduction of a few new features and channels; two of utmost relevance to ourselves as a partner and to you as an Independent or mid-market retail brand is 'Shopify Pay' and also their new EMV compliant chip and pin reader.

What's the difference?

Shopify Pay is basically Shopify's marketplace response to Amazon Pay or PayPal, here's how they bill it;

Now, with Shopify Pay, your customers can check out in seconds by entering a 6-digit verification code sent directly to their phone. They’ll no longer need to spend time typing in their shipping and payment details anytime they want to buy from you, or any other store powered by Shopify.

It's a natural progression for Shopify to move into this space and further enhances their foundation, product offering and essentially zones out Magento with yet another progressive product release.

We're big advocates at Aulter in allowing your customers to pay via whatever method they desire; whether this will be totally successful or not remains to be discovered. Is it as seamless as one-click payments from Amazon and PayPal, is it as seamless as resting your thumb print down on iOS for mobile payments via Apple? Probably not, this kind of two-factor authentication is used by ourselves at Aulter to protect our access to email, domain settings and important social communications tools, is it frictionless for payments and faster than the existing incumbents? Probably not but a worthwhile avenue to explore in measuring cart conversions and payment choice.

Why have Shopify released a chip n pin reader (EMV)

Since Shopify launched its in-store ePOS solutions there's been endless questions surrounding integrations with mobile ePOS readers such as iZettle, Payleven, Sumup and even PayPal has their very own reader. Why is it applicable? It's a great low cost solution for small shops to accept payment cards but for mid-market retailers and larger department stores, mobile ePOS allows for faster payments, customer convenience and reduced queues during busy periods or seasonal spikes by fulfilling transactions at any location in the store.

The reader accepts all major credit and debit cards, and supports the latest EMV chip technology—the secure payment option that keeps you and your customers safe from fraud. Simply dip the card into the top of the reader and collect a signature on your screen. And, you can still swipe older credit cards using the built-in magstripe reader.

So there you have it, Shopify continue to throw up compounding reasons to adopt their infrastructure on your first foray into an eCommerce storefront or if you're seeking to implement a more secure, seamless and aesthetically successful omni-channel solution for your customers.

To understand more about how we can help you get setup and running, look here or here and if you'd like to see more reasons as to why we think your best supported on Shopify, click here.

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