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Shopify Plus or Shopify Advanced

When and why is Shopify's enterprise edition, 'Plus' needed?

Shopify Advanced

In the majority of cases, Advanced at $299 a month and 1.6% of transaction fees + £0.20p is more than capable of holding its own for Independents, mid-market brands and wholesalers - And is certainly capable with its feature set for those entering into their first foray in eCommerce, seeking a revamp or wanting an alternative to Magento (perhaps due to Magento's excessive development costs and insufficient plug-and-play integrations).

Shopify Advanced is fully equipped to deal with spikes in traffic and malicious fraudsters, has unlimited SKUs and variants, fully accredited SSL encryption, an in-store ePOS integration for $49 more and near enough any other integrations you may be seeking at the backend given how their liquid interface operates.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can get you set up and running on Shopify, or would like to know more about our expertise on a marketing level to underpin your efforts across the digital landscape with Shopify, then the two previous links will give you a source of advantage.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus has been engineered as Shopify's next step to get closer to the big boys of self-serve commerce, such as the Commerce Cloud from Salesforce (formally Demandware) and they've done an exceptional job at taking that next step.

Firstly, what are you really getting with Shopify Plus;

  • API access to build sophisticated integrations at enterprise grade
  • A dedicated emergency support line for any problems 
  • Own brand URL at checkout, example
  • In-store ePOS for any number of physical locations
  • Multiple storefronts for differing national versions (entirely new site if you want)
  • Lots of IT specific, autonomous updates and support in the background
  • 80 millisecond page load time for super speed and deliverance 
  • 7000+ CPU cores and 200TB storage means you can handle close to 500k hits a minute

In other words, it's equipped to handle any retail initiative, Shopify Plus could handle Adidas and Zara, in fact the only retailer that would crush it is Amazon and Amazon had to build a server farm to equip themselves. You're not Amazon, so you don't need to worry.

So at such scale, do you really need Shopify Plus? Starting at around $2,000 a month puts it in total alignment with Magento's entry level license but possibly still more affordable given less of a demand for routine developer updates.

Where you are going to want Shopify Plus is if you want to push out that extra efficiency with dedicated support, 80 millisecond page load times are going to delight customers and increase conversions. Speed is money. While the Shopify URL at checkout isn't exactly a problem in the Advanced package, it's a more profound touch to have your own brand name in the checkout with Plus. Will it increase conversions? Possibly but we're talking at around 0.2%-0.3%.


The real advantage that comes with Plus is the API access and enterprise grade security for other mid-market software vendors to get into the game with Shopify; We're talking about the solutions that are purely for retailers and wholesalers operating into the millions that require a sophisticated inventory management and planning system, enterprise ERPs and CRMs that communicate seamlessly to share gigabytes of data and for retailers needing to run complex data queries with platforms such as Alteryx, Splunk and Palantir.
This creates a very exciting opportunity for mid-market vendors that up until now have been a little more quiet and restricted in their reach, they fall into the middle ground but Shopify Plus opens them up into a new territory and allows them to grow and support retailers and wholesalers who are growing themselves.
If you feel as though your store(s) fall into this mid-market category and you currently house in excess of 3,000 SKUs and are seeking to redevelop your eCommerce presence and support it with a totally integrated in-store infrastructure, then reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss what possibilities tie in with your near term objectives.

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