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Spring Clean for Aulter

Our new season look, on time to forge new trends

A lot of thought has gone into our new online presence that we believe is reflective of who we are and what we're doing in the physical and digital realms of retail - There was a need for a more descriptive (yet empathetic and convivial) breakdown of where and how Aulter can help retailers, brands, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers better communicate with and serve their customers.

The result is a presence we're more content and happy with, elucidating where and how key disciplines will impact your business over the next 3 years, why physical and digital retail is morphing into one another and a more candid, clear choice of plan that you can opt for with us when addressing each domain. As a consultancy and digital practise, we appreciate there can be a defensive and fearful approach when entering into a transactional relationship in what has become a most fragmented, complex industry, comprising of lots of different components.

In order to reduce this anxiety (especially when it comes to cost), we've adopted a more transparent and straight forward client plan and pricing structure, while we will always give you a comprehensive breakdown of what is required in totality, you can cherry pick what you presently want against the corresponding price without any worries about extra billing.

So how have we done this

We've broken our consulting plans into three categories under our new CloudCascade™ offering;

  • CloudCascade™ for Product

This centres around your most prized asset, the product you are selling - The industries you accommodate, your competition, category analysis, counterfeits impact, market intelligence and a proprietary product intelligence engine to support your positioning, licensing and procurement efforts as well as your buying and marketing teams. This also includes physical customer experience design and their interaction with your product and brand to encapsulate the tonality and messaging you seek to target each of your customer cohorts with when engaging on new promotions, advertising analysis and general brand principles.

  • CloudCascade™ for Service

Service is increasingly becoming a differentiator in the world of retail, distribution and supply; depending on how in tune you are with your customer base will reflect in your bottom line sales. Our objectives in this plan are to source and implement a strategy that empowers both your employees and your customers with vital information at the time they need it - Whether it's more accurate customer support, automated support, improved knowledge flow internally, faster product tracking or improved team performance and training, we can immediately get you setup and running with all cumulative costs showcased on the best solutions that are most applicable to your business.

  • CloudCascade™ for Technology

This was a more tricky plan for us to evaluate, as there's an element of technology in our service plan and vice versa, however we believe our technology plan drives more abundantly into some of the complexities surrounding in-store hardware, WiFi and sensor technologies; there's more of a nod toward hardline base competency technologies such as ePOS and payment gateways, ERPs for payroll and purchasing, what integrations and securities are relevant and the ability for you to extract even more value from our partnership reductions to annual contracts and our on-site training.

How we aim to help

By combining these plans or by electing to run with just one, we can help you achieve what you want for your business with improved efficiency, understanding, sales and growth. We're only successful when you're successful and that is why we seek to listen to your opinions and interject why we can help bolster growth for you in each area. We see our relationships with clients as a two way dialogue, while we have our own expertise and industry reasoning, we want to learn as much as we can about you and your market as possible to better address and install objectives and targets that need to be met to bring about change and success.

Partnership success at a faster speed

We utilise business intelligence platforms to source, track and reconcile what technology and software vendors are most applicable to your business and why; in fact we have a database that spans thousands of vendors with more than $10 Billion invested. We monitor and add to this database almost daily, it's ever evolving and that's why when we tell you to trust our judgement, you can relax and be sure that we're not going to cost you money further down the road, most likely the opposite.

To date, we partner directly with almost 100 software and hardware vendors (that's a lot of multi-channel selling) across every domain of your business. This has required a lot of interaction and understanding in each domain to fully embrace and comprehend why those solutions are most viable for your current market position on a number of factors that include scale, cost, team size and degree of complexity to install and utilise.

We're fully accredited to advise, implement, install, onboard and train your team on our vendor partner packages to extract as much value as possible from their solutions; Why do they trust us? Because like them we're specialists in knowing how much time and money you can save by vesting your trust in their solutions and they know they can trust us to get to you on-site and convey their product in a non-bias, realistic manner that aligns expectancies with business objectives.

When it comes to technology buying in retail and improving your customer journey, we really are the very best in the market today and we're very proud of the sheer number of best-in-class, top of the market vendors we now partner with and this continues to grow with each week.

Wait, there's more?

On top of our technology and product intelligence consulting, we've deployed our data to better use in other domains, such as product licensing and procurement. Given our understanding and mobility in this field we can evaluate your current market position on a number of variables, such as customer/fan base, current category SKUs, domestic and International penetration and where we can add value for your move into new verticals with your brand appeal, as well as reversing that demand back into your existing product or service.

eCommerce that works for you

Selling online has never been more dynamic and all encompassing, if you're fulfilling orders online there is an expectancy to match the biggest players in the market because the playing field is level, the process and platform you're selling on (the internet) is identical and thus customer expectations are very high.

This has become a problematic area for retailers and brands (especially regional retailers, Independents and niche wholesalers), unaware of what infrastructure to adopt, what features and design elements are needed, how best to execute and continue iterating, how to professionally capture the allure of their product and what should it all cost? Navigating this minefield has become a very expensive, energy sapping, demoralising endeavour for many that has led to decision paralysis or even worse, an expensive error of judgement that has not yielded the results as hoped.

Given our unique understanding as a retail consulting practise, we've decided the time is now right for us to enter this space and bring about a holistic, joined up backend infrastructure consultation alongside the build for your frontend customer experience. Why? We speak about this in more detail in another of our posts but in short while a comprehensive eFulfilment storefront is still relatively difficult to achieve, eCommerce cloud, self-serve infrastructures have now scaled to support mid-market retailers and Independents for their first foray or a revamped entry into eCommerce (and we are on-hand to help you get this right with beautiful design experiences and the required components to accompany the necessary functionality).

Moving forward

We're already seeing that our redesign and realignment of ideas and values when it comes to our plans with increased transparency is beginning to aid growth and foster trust at an accelerated pace during the initial communications with prospective clients - Ensuring we have a base platform that can help orchestrate dialogue, reduce negative surprises and act as a fulcrum to engineer new ways of working to the betterment of your business has always been our aim.

If this strikes a chord then please feel free to reach out to us.

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