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Maximise shop floor space with a leaf out of Topshops book

We're on hand at Aulter to carry out a full diagnostic of the utilisation of your shop floor space; we're almost sure you already do this and are aware of your like for like sales in key areas of your store, we've also gone into this in much more detail here.

This post surrounds concessions (or renting out space on your shop floor) for brands or new product lines you wish to test out without the inherent risks usually applied if purchased via wholesale. There is nothing new, or alien about this concept, especially for department stores who are renowned for their beauty and skincare concessions.

Appear Here and Storefront are the two biggest (and now both International) players than can automate the process for physical stores to seek out new and exciting product installations in-store. While it's a great, risk free strategy (and source of revenue) to flesh out how differing product categories perform with your customer base, it's also a great way to test out product from different or supplementary verticals for further up sell opportunities.

While the inhabitant (for a day, week or month) will retain their sales (unless negotiated otherwise), it's an easy method to understand how niche or differing product lines will perform with your customers.

From an interactive standpoint, it's an exciting space(s) that can marketed and disclosed as ever changing and interactive for customers to engage with, a space between your walls that will offer the chance to discover something new.

But why be solely reliant on brands seeking opportunities in the physical arena on these platforms? Go where the brands are, run Pinterest, Houzz, Etsy and Instagram searches or contests to drive up interest, get your customers involved and request what product categories or brands they'd like to have locally, within tangible reach to further establish a relationship with a brand they love and further secure their confidence in your establishment.

It's a two-way relationship to learn from one another and learn about your brands reach, differing tastes and attitudes, entice new customer groups into your store and serve up something fresh that resonates in both the physical and online retail worlds to get your customers talking about you.

Reach out to us at Aulter to further dive into what possibilities might exist for your growth strategies and your eagerness to align new product verticals with existing and prospective customer bases to remain fresh and alive in retail this year.

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