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Visual Artificial Intelligence

Yes you can use it but maybe not just yet

Visual search is here but it's not quite ready just yet, we've had a play with all of the solutions listed below for your perusal and can concretely say you won't want to be deploying any inside your website or in conjunction with Facebook Bots anytime soon.

The application for such technology and its use case is phenomenal - imagine being able to search based upon visuals, as opposed to words. Not only much easier and efficient but increasingly dynamic, eyesight becomes sellable. 

In-store and trying out new outfits, take a selfie, share to a messaging app and view accompanying outfits that are currently available on the racks - alongside the myriad of options that this kind of tech can be used for in retail.

If you're interested in discovering more about how visual technologies can impact your business today then you can reach me on

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