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Why Shopify's Retail POS is the best money can buy

Out shop the competition with Shopify's team POS for cash and cards

As official Shopify partners, we can appreciate that clients may be sceptical when we propose the Shopify Retail POS plan at $49 a month is the best option on the market, as a standalone POS infrastructure.

However, we're happy to shine a light on the direct alternatives and when you throw in the seamless integration of customer profiles, product catalogues and transactions/bookings between online and offline sales with Shopify, you end up getting the best of both worlds.

"But what are the alternatives?"

1) WorldPay are leaders in accepting card payments and state they have over 300,00 customers in the UK, great effort for sure. Check out their plans and charges here to see what's most applicable for your volumes of sales and size of inventory - If you're selling only a few variants of the same product or service then their pay-as-you-go plan is the one for you. That'll set you back £150 for an admin terminal fee (whatever that is) and then £49.99 a month for their retail package (that doesn't come with a joined up POS system). Essentially, that means you'll need to find another POS package somewhere else and WorldPay will connect to it as a payment gateway. You also need to purchase your card reader, prices are elusive on their website but we can tell you they're in the region of £350.

In conclusion, a vastly more expensive option than Shopify that doesn't come with a POS system or cash register option in their basic setup plans.

2) iZettle, this friendly Swedish company have been at the forefront of the affordable card reader revolution for sometime and are offering their readers at a heavily reduced rate of £29 and an accompanying POS system for absolutely free, transactions at 1.75% rate. A perfect solution if you're setting up fixed payments for a few products or services and their catalogue will allow up to 2,000 variants (pretty sweet deal to be honest).

The POS system comes with limitations, however... it's not a part of any eCommerce setup, so you'll never be able to marry up orders/bookings offline with what's happening online (same for merging customer profiles online and offline), this is a big problem for when you want to analyse your customer base, deal with email promotions/communications or jump into customer online orders/bookings and amend a transaction when confronted with a customer face-to-face.

Furthermore, if you have a small team you're going to need them to login to the POS system on their individual IDs - You'll need to upgrade onto the plus plan with iZettle for this at £20 a month.

3) Intelligent POS have recently been acquired by iZettle (primarily for their push into the hospitality and restaurant business one would envisage) and their POS plan currently sits at £39 a month + VAT but is heavily focussed toward high volume, low cost products that you typically find in bars or cafes.

4) Comparatively to Shopify, Lightspeed Retail comes the closest with a POS system starting at £69 a month, featuring as many as 5 employees and of course will integrate seamlessly with any online store hosted with Lightspeed Retail. We're big fans of Lightspeed Retail at Aulter and they are a secondary option we invite customers to consider, however where they fall down is their inability to compete with Shopify for online resources, integrations, support, applications and the vast Shopify ecosystem.

If you're operating a straight forward store such as a bike shop with renowned products and easily identifiable universal product codes, they're a very clever solution to adopt. However, if your business is more niche and requires more adaptations on the kinds of products and services you offer customers, Shopify is more affordable and more stable when looking to the future.

5) Vend Commerce have grown aggressively since migrating out of New Zealand and going global, their face-to-face sales plan starts at £49 a month and encompasses 3 employees BUT if you want to marry that up with their eCommerce plan it'll rise to £79 a month and unfortunately their eCommerce strength isn't as close to Shopify or Lightspeed Retail.

The big issue with Vend is that they demand you partner up with another vendor for the card reader and contactless payments, this means electing to choose from Square, PayPal, iZettle or SumUp and thus means an extra monthly fee on top of what you're already forking out for Vend.

Shopify Retail POS

Shopify is incredibly affordable, 1.7% face-to-face transaction fees at the terminal on the basic plan and $49 a month, 5 employee logins and a card reader at £59 reduced from £79 for contactless payments and all Apple and Android mobile payments.

Cash registers and all accompanying hardware, such as barcode scanners or printers are available for purchase and immediately ready for Shopify integration (no hardware obstacles) and of course you can forego the printer option; capturing customer emails and electronically sending them receipts via email or text message to their numbers. It's this kind of attention to detail, at a great price with a degree of fluidity and dynamism alternative eCommerce and POS providers simply can't get close to matching is the reason why Shopify is a brilliant option for all kinds of businesses that are trading.

The eCommerce marriage is the icing on the cake with Shopify, seamlessly jump into orders/bookings with ease from your Apple or Android smartphone app or access all customer profiles and transactions from tablets, iPads or a desktop computer too in front of your customers.

This kind of speed and efficiency to deal with customer queries in person, amend orders/bookings, carry out refunds and sync all offline/online sales communication with customers will allow you to focus more on your business and customers and less time worrying about lost data, broken communications or multiple, fractured sales channels.

Shopify is all-in-one solution that just works out the box, supplemented by an outstanding support service, live chat help, enormous forum community and of course we are also on hand to help out if you have any difficulties.

If you have any questions on the Shopify POS and eCommerce plans and how we can help you in this department, feel free to get in touch on and you can find more information on our Shopify partner programme to get get you setup and running inside a week.


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