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Wi-Fi enabled connected store

Customer wi-fi that keeps your customers coming back

There's a number of SaaS solutions out there that facilitate Wi-Fi tracking of customers (some of them we even partner with) but that's not a primary use case anymore for offering up in-store customer Wi-Fi - Not in the immediacy or the long term.

Firstly, lets ascertain what you can accomplish with in-store tracking of customers, a solution that anonymously taps into the last digits of the phone number customers have. There are some established players in this field that we can help you to implement with referral reductions on your annual contracted value, Euclid Analytics and RetailNext offer comprehensive solutions but in contrasting styles and it's dependent on what needs you want to facilitate best. Euclid use a purely mobile attachment to Wi-Fi signals to glean data whilst RetailNext use a combination of mobile and in-store sensors. Curious to note that RetailNext has a seamless integration with one of our ePOS partners Lightspeed Retail for easy exchange and knowledge of data analysis.

Areas of in-store analysis include;

  • Merchandising and Planogram Design - Map out and trace customer footfall in-store and address where customers walk and where they dwell, what promotions are in view, what types of products witness greatest attention and where do upsell opportunities exist within your walls and aisles. Synchronise this data with your marketing, buying, planogram design and inventory management systems to align product availability, positioning and category growth opportunities. 
  • Marketing, Promotions and Loyalty - Analyse triggers and the content that is converting to attract customers into your physical spaces, understand what branches or regions they visit and correlate with customer profiles online for a total, omni-channel fulfilment journey to shape cohort behavioural characteristics and how to tailor group tonality and messaging.  
  • Store Architecture - Address checkout queues, appropriate human capital management more efficiently, assess changing room performance, assess store investment and equipment positioning when carrying out store audits and budget forecasts.

Customer benefits

While in-store data analysis is now paramount for any retailer to fully embrace and understand what their customers are doing inside their estate (much in the same way you can understand what customers are doing on your website), it's important to understand what the expectancies are of your customers and the reality is they want to remain connected.

Recent PwC studies have eluded that Gen X shoppers are most demanding when it comes to their mobile connectivity, followed by millennials and the best way to accommodate this is to provide free in-store WiFi and block out the cellular networks inside your walls. If your customers are on your premises then it's in your best interests to understand their behaviour when pulling out their mobile devices. What to look for?

  • Are they taking pictures and videos to share on social media? 
  • Are they checking comparative prices?
  • Are they double checking product options and availability on Amazon?
  • Are they purchasing products on your website for home delivery?

These are valid behaviours that you cannot trace if your customers are browsing on a cellular network and it's another add-on service your customers are going to appreciate.

In-store WiFi is going to become a de facto requirement as we move forward over the next 3-5 years and customers expect a more joined up, 'phygital' environment to shop in, especially with the advent of iBeacons, Augmented Reality and RFID tagging - These are areas we'll address in more clarity in another post.

However, to briefly mention Estimote, an iBeacon product that can be situated around your store and even on individual products or shelves to dynamically understand on a SKU level how customers are responding to tailored marketing promotions, flash sales or general product behavioural traits.

As well as Prism Sky Labs that take an alternative approach to customer journey mapping by hi-jacking your in-store CCTV to better understand what route your customers are taking through your physical space.

There are no limitations as to how creative or analytical you choose to be with your in-store WiFi, if you're seeking to address this domain and better understand how to implement, analyse and connect your customer data sources to your existing software infrastructure (ePOS, CRMs, HCMs) then drop us a line and we'll have some exciting ideas for you test out this year.


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