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Aulter - Hyderabad Office

Threat Analyst (Security Operations Centre)

Aulter is a Cyber-Physical and Cybersecurity cloud managed security services provider (MSSP) working with the most innovative and modern technology vendors available in the global market. This is an opportunity to build business in a growing market expected to reach $267 Billion dollars by 2024 (a 100% increase from 2021), with increasing market adoption in IoT, Machine Learning, Smart Hardware and Connected Consumer Devices.

Aulter operates in a multi-sector environment, servicing primarily finance, insurance, retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and logistics for Cybersecurity.

This is an opportunity for a focussed and self-motivated individual that has the correct attitude and appetite to learn and demonstrate their skillsets within a framework of support. If you are hungry to learn and improve within the growing cybersecurity domain - then this is a position you need to apply for. We partner with next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning toolsets, you'll operate inside the software-as-a-service dashboard portal and be afforded all the applicable training for free.

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Threat Analyst is a critical division in capturing, remediating and communicating breaches in tandem with our technology vendors - eliminating threats, reducing surface area for attacks and closing vulnerability windows.

Threat Analyst will be responsible for the following;

- Assessing and analysing all alerts and incoming incidents via partner portals
- Learning and using our deployed remote monitoring management solutions
- Logging, documenting and categorising high/intermediate risks
- Remediate threats and promptly report to relevant stakeholders
- Follow customer specific SIEM and ITSM frameworks
- Scan and search to hunt down and troubleshoot potential problems
- Collaborating with teams in-house, customer sites and different continents for handover
- Respond inside applicable SLA certificates for specific customers when addressing Extended Managed/Incident Response (XDR)  
- Remotely triage or disconnect compromised endpoints as per SLAs
- Identify continuous and advanced persistent threats (APTs)
- Decipher and decrypt sophisticated threats that traverse Information technology and operational technology environments
- Protect and support customer assets and contingencies
- Visualise and communicate where threats are emerging and create dynamic filters to group categories efficiently


- Intermediate English, solid communications and grammatical proficiency is essential
- College educated is preferred but not essential
- Must be able to commute to our Hyderabad office daily without interruptions or difficulties (this is suspended due to COVID19 protocols)
- Must be punctual, reliable, structured, detail orientated and generally inquisitive
- Must be prepared to work on a flexible contract, requiring ‘out of office’ hours and weekends to deliver 24 hour, 7 days a week security to customers.


- Successful candidates will be trained on all our leading technology vendors and SaaS tools deployed internally and externally with attention to relevant cybersecurity fields.
- Successful candidates will be supported financially to undertake accreditations within the cybersecurity and IT service design fields, notably ITIL frameworks, cloud solution certifications and CompTIA certifications.

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