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Live Campus Cybersecurity

For Students

Protect students from malicious material and unwanted content, provide secure networks for approved access and approve student, private devices.

For Faculty

Prevent malicious actors impersonating or compromising faculty via multiple modes of activity by reducing surface areas for attack and effective controls.

For Parents

Facilitate secure, digital interaction for parents without reducing security controls and thus delivering on continued at-home engagement.
  • Protect Intellectual Property
    Track and remediate to fight against suspicious domain registration, email and SMS phishing, webpage scraping and bot cloning to secure students, faculty and parents.
  • Protect Partners, Suppliers and Bodies.
    Ensure supply chains are protected against domain and email spoofing, spear phishing and man-in-the-middle attack vectors and keep partner data safe.
  • Protect Payments
    Go beyond 256-bit encryption carts - TLS and HTTPS are good starts but act against credential stuffing, hashing, fraudulent fee demands and account takeovers (ATO).
  • Protect Dorms, Classrooms and Halls
    Configured next-generation firewalls that lock out threat actors and malicious attempts to exfiltrate sensitive data whilst capturing any unusual internal threats or anomalies.

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All our technology partners come with a 30-day free trial, no obligations to buy. We'll help you onboard and get going to allow you to test out your new solution and we'll happily manage and monitor what's working for you.


The majority of our technology partners are plug-and-play solutions with seamless integrations. If there is complexity connecting disparate data sets and systems, we're trained to help you out and ensure the experience goes smooth.


We offer training for your organisation and partners on how to deploy, utilise and maximise investment with our technology partners inside our MSSP programme.


We're always available to help you with any questions or technical problems you might encounter, whether with our 24 hours SOC centre or email and call ticket support.

“Aulter have been magnificent in securing all digital and in-store assets.”

Alexandre Mattiussi
AMI Paris.
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