Capture, Quarantine, Remediate.

Stop threats before they get in.

Stop intruders in their tracks before they get a chance to push through your defences with our intrusion detection, prevention and remediation solutions. Our partners are leaders in cloud and physical hardware intrusion detection and prevention systems for total endpoint coverage on your networks.
  • For Intruder Alert
  • For Endpoint Protection
  • For Email Firewalls
  • For Device Protection
  • For Remote Isolation
  • For Artificial Intelligence
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Autonomous. Accurate. Assertive.

Block and Lock Out Intruders

Secure Access Service Edge converges to lock out malicious threats and configure remotely with unique settings for each location or endpoint
Secure Data
Protect your network and enterprise applications from data exfiltration, as well as encrypting all data securely with appropriate parameters logged.
Go above and beyond compliance by deploying the most progressive network intrusion detection and prevention solutions available on the market.
Cloud Powered
Continuous cloud based monitoring across your network to barricade against threats that aim to do you harm and siphon critical data.
Performance Benchmarked
Leverage against industry standards and benefit from a community of data to collectively deploy the most effective solutions at the right time.
Automated Remediation
Set control factors and initiate learning programmes to run asynchronously with your live environments to configure improvements.
Set parameters and create your filters to begin eliminating threats and discovering tolerance levels to internal and outsider threats.
Targeted attack prevention (TAP) and unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions to stop malware threats before breaching perimeters.
Utilise content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) toolkits to extrapolate malicious malware from files before reaching secure gateways.

Block out the bad actors and protect your systems.

Safe in the knowledge that your intellectual property is guarded at all times.


Go on-remise or now launch from the cloud with our award winning solutions providers that engineer total intrusion detection and prevention.

Configured to whatever settings you want on your networks, devices and endpoints for detection and remediation before you're even aware of potential breaches.


Our partners catch and quarantine invaders that can worm their way into your attachments, communications, systems and network.

They want to steal your data or lay dormant before locking you out, be proactive and make the first move.

Our technology partners protect your brand, customers and reputation.


All our technology partners come with a 30-day free trial, no obligations to buy. We'll help you onboard and get going to allow you to test out your new solution and we'll happily manage and monitor what's working for you.


The majority of our technology partners are plug-and-play solutions with seamless integrations. If there is complexity connecting disparate data sets and systems, we're trained to help you out and ensure the experience goes smooth.


We offer training for your organisation and partners on how to deploy, utilise and maximise investment with our technology partners inside our MSSP programme.


We're always available to help you with any questions or technical problems you might encounter, whether with our 24 hours SOC centre or email and call ticket support.
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