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    Powerful partnerships that propel you forward in the eyes of your customers

    Partners with CloudCascade™

    Pure-play Partners

    Capitalise on our carefully curated partnership agreements with the best hardware providers and software vendors across all domains - We are positioned to source, recommend and integrate the solutions you need to purposefully run your business with applicable reductions and fully supported training for your central or branch teams company wide.

    Integrations with CloudCascade™

    Pure-play integrations

    We recommend, rank and express why specific partners are applicable for your business operations across varying divisions and how elected solutions can work in tandem with each other in powering accelerated efficiency and growth in your category departments.

    Assessing key criteria such as existing infrastructure, budgetary requirements, rollout succession, minimal disruption to present operations and training time and penetrative needs to ensure a smooth transition to your upgraded packages for the day-to-day tasks your team encounter.

    Enjoy our channel reductions without having the maze of aggressive price negotiating and save yourselves potentially months or years of disruption to your services as you seek out adoption of solutions to continue taking your business operations forward in the world of retail.

  • CloudCascade™ for Technology

    We source, assess and align you with the best in class solutions across the entire ecosystem

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