• Inventory that can walk and talk

    Smart inventory that can talk fluently to your supply chain management solutions

    CloudCascade™ for Service

    Smart Inventory with CloudCascade™

    Inventory information in-stock

    Accurate inventory mobilisation and location awareness is the pivotal lifeblood for your operations - product is relentlessly in circulation, whether manufactured and supplied, purchased and on route, being distributed via 3rd party providers or bought online to be collected in-store, you must be aware of its ripple impact across all your business divisions. That begins with a credible, robust and open inventory management system that connects to your product via barcode or RFID tagging to deliver data intelligence on whereabouts.

  • Appropriate your inventory accordingly to demand

    Tag, track and trace where your product and assets are and put that intelligence to use


    Available Anywhere

    Fulfilling from a distribution centre, sourcing via a dropship, supplying in-store or tracing returns - synchronise them


    Available On Cue

    Harmoniously route product paths in connection with B2B purchasing, forecasted demand and SBO activity


    Available Now

    Activate product paths layered with incoming and outgoing data sources across your control centre concisely

  • Products for Logistics

    Freight onboard and haulage that steers you straight

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