• Forever placing your product up, front and centre

    Making product your first language when communicating with customers

    CloudCascade™ for Technology

    Visual Design with CloudCascade™

    making merchandise matter

    Covetable product deserves discerning spatial design to commandeer your key customer cohorts - deliver fluid customer touch points that excel in experience design with all the caveats of accessibility and convenience.

    CloudCascade™ for Technology

    Data Design with CloudCascade™

    Making metrics matter

    Harnessing the power of our partner solutions to drive product positioning, layering and layout design - planograms that work on store specific performance and customer profiling data that is parsed and not hidden in silos. Design, test and validate merchandise strategies weekly, periodically or seasonally to trigger speedy product appraisal and leverage our proprietary product intelligence engine to source and appropriate your product.

  • Muscle through your Merchandising

    Making your product do all the heavy lifting with intelligence suites married to enterprise planning

    Visual Design

    Attribute Sight

    Aesthetics, visual interactive design and installations that do your product justice in driving sales growth

    Floor Design

    Attribute ergonomics

    Routing customer paths supported by empirical data on a regional, store specific level for product and price layering

    Planogram Design

    Attribute Product Placement

    Aggregate and query at rapid speed your product and mod layout, run iterative tests and predictive analysis' to foster uptake


    Attribute Categories

    Product and complimentary category performance at the speed your customers make purchasing decisions


    Attribute Demand

    Alignment of demand at a regional level so marketing and buying can move fluidly to assert where and what action is needed


    Attribute Price Intelligence

    Price integrity that supplements your brand position with instant knowledge of market fluctuations and changes

  • Products for eCommerce

    Going all-in | Online, Mobile & Marketplace pure-play commerce

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