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    Payment solutions so good that customers feel happy to hand money over fist

    CloudCascade™ for Technology

    Ring it up with CloudCasacde™

    Payment rewards

    Play it on point with our payments partner ecosystem - Customers are shopping Internationally and on a host of devices, be brave enough to ensure your customers can pay via any platform they wish and that your backend systems are robust and compatibly forged to accept transactions at speed with flawless security. An open ecosystem that embraces contactless, mobile NFC from Apple, Android and Samsung, as well as 3rd party marketplace leverage from PayPal, Amazon Pay, AliPay and in-app purchasing with loyalty support as a caveat.

  • Play savvy with an open payments ecosystem

    Customers are International and device agonistic, isn't it time you were too?


    Pay Here

    Hardware infrastructure and transaction gateways that handle at breakneck speed, security and customer satisfaction


    Pay Now

    Sourcing a leading online gateway with International inclusion that talks seamlessly with in-store solutions

    3rd Party

    Pay Any Way

    Leveraging wallet velocity with marketplace giants such as PayPal, Amazon Pay and AliPay for growth

  • Products for Data + BI

    An arsenal of data and business intelligence at your disposal

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